10 Commandments for a Fruit Bearing Family

An easy understandable and applicable way to teach your kids how to apply the 10 Commandments to your family life.



Get this free printable as a family conversation piece on how the 10 Commandments can be reflected in everyday family life.

10 Commandments for a Fruit Bearing Family

God’s Word applies to every area of our lives and the 10 Commandments served and still serves as a statement of love from God. He loves us enough to give us guidelines to protect us from the consequences of sin.

These are a great thing to point back to as your raise your kids to be part of a Fruit Bearing Family. Example: Point back to #8 to talk about the importance of honoring one another and not taking (stealing) things. We show honor by asking before taking something. You get the idea – change starts to happen.


10 Ways To Deal With Childrens

This practical printable helps you and your family have real conversations with your kids on how to apply the 10 Commandments to family life.

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