Mastermind and Connecting Group

Growing in Leadership, Communication, and Connecting With Other Women in Business

This group is for women entrepreneurs who want to grow in their leadership and communication skills, grow their business while building a network of relationships that built on trust and support.


Women in Business

This group is free and all group members must agree to not spam one another trying to sell products or services and to honor one another.

1 Hour Every Tuesday | 1st & 3rd @ 2pm CST | 2nd & 4th @ 7pm CST

Facilitated by Renae Luketic, a John Maxwell Team Certified Leadership trainer and coach who simply wants to invest in other women in business. There is no hidden agenda. I want community just like you! We will all lead this group together through our discussion but Renae will the group so that we are a good steward of everyone’s time and everyone can be heard.

There will be opportunities to share what you do and for others in the group to reach out to you I they want your services.


Focused on Growing in leadership

To keep us focused on growing in leadership, we will have a particular leadership topic to discuss each week giving everyone time to share and give input. There will also be plenty of open discussions time as well.

This group is about:

  • Learning together
  • Sharing our wins, losses and struggles
  • Building our businesses while building our support network
  • Being one another’s biggest encourager and cheerleader
  • Sharing problems and helping one another find solutions through our shared experiences

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