Eliminating Procrastination


No more excuses, It’s time to face your fears

Hosted by

Renae Luketic
John Maxwell Team Certified Leadership Coach

What You Learn in This Workshop?

Learn How To

overcome the dangers of putting things off

Learn How To​

see tell-tale signs that you are a procrastinator and how to change that

Learn How To​

take baby steps to see REAL CHANGE in your procrastination


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Get To The Bottom Of Your To Do List

Have you considered that your never-ending to-do list may be attributed to procrastination? Procrastination can often be mislabeled as laziness, but the truth is, something deeper is going on. Join me to get to the bottom of your growing to-do list! 


Are you a go-getter or a procrastinator?

From fear to stress there are many reasons people procrastinate. While putting off unimportant jobs can be harmless, chronic procrastination can negatively impact the quality of life, relationships, and career outlook.

From creating deadlines for our to-do list tasks to learning how to be more accountable, there are many options for correcting the behaviors associated with procrastination.

I’d love for you to join me.

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Once you understand the why of procrastination, it becomes easier to address the underlying issue and get to work. During this experience, I will walk you through common reasons for procrastination, explain how chronic procrastination can negatively impact relationships and career aspirations, and share techniques to help you kick the bad habits and get things done.

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Eliminating Procrastination - Live Webinar

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